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Welcome to the new HOMEWORKS web site!

A re-vamp can take some people up to 3 weeks to complete, as it would be a nightmare for most people to deal seperately, with the many tradesmen required for the job. i.e. The Plumber, Tiler & Electrician  !  
Vital time is lost waiting on the different tradesmen to arrive, after each other, in accordance to the requirements of your New Bathroom revamp .....for e.g.
1st ... To remove all of the existing old wall and floor tiles & Bathroom suite
2nd ...The Plumber to change pipe positions for new items in the bathroom
3rd ... Tiler to tile the bathroom walls and floor
4th ... Plumber to return to fit the new suite, on top of the floor tiles.
5th ... The Electrician to also arrive at some point, to connect shower / lights etc.
..... Now try and organise all of that yourself, and, hope that it all runs smoothly !!
This is where HOMEWORKS can help .....
We specialise solely in the re-vamping of your old Bathrooms, or, Ensuites etc. Homeworks can do all of the Tiling, Plumbing, Carpentry & Electrical work required. This makes the whole process of having your new Bathroom fitted, less stressfull.
Please take a moment to browse through some of our Web pages... .
In our  Craftsman  section .. we try to show and compare some of the other, so called "Experts" work, that we have come across over the years. Then, we show you, the HOMEWORKS way of doing things.
In our  Homeworks TV  section .. 
as the saying goes .... " You are only as good, as your last job "  so, please take a moment to look at some videos, of our previous work. These films are taken "Before" and "After" our Re-vamps, so you can see the difference.
The films all begin with the existing carpet, or, wall pictures, outside each bathroom. ... so you'll know that it's still the same house, as they go through some BIG changes !!
In our  FAQ section .. We answer some of your tiling / re-vamp queries.
In the  Gallery section .. we show some photos, as the work is being carried out.
In the  Testimonial section .. We invite past clients to comment on the experience.
Hopefully, after taking some time to view our Website, you will see the amount of time and energy we put into each and every bathroom.
When you consider the combined cost of all the tiles & bathware that is required to produce your Dream Bathroom, It is all a waste of money, if it is fitted incorrectly.
I take great pride in my work and endever to make you as comfortable as possible during the job, that is undertaken in your home.
That's why it makes sense to have everything fitted, in the very best way .... The HOMEWORKS way.
You can trust Homeworks, to help you produce your new "Dream Bathroom". Enjoy the website cool

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